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Lucky Bamboo Arrangements

Feng Shui culture believes that by placing a lucky bamboo arrangement in your house or office, you can usher in good energy and bring growth and abundance to your life.  Wild Flowers can customize your lucky bamboo arrangement to bring certain types of luck and good fortune to the receiver.

2  Lucky Bamboo Stalks Symbolize Love
3  Lucky Bamboo Stalks Symbolize (Fu) Happiness, (Lu) Wealth, and (Soh) Longevity
5  Lucky Bamboo Stalks Symbolize Wealth
7  Lucky Bamboo Stalks Symbolize Wealth and Happiness
8  Lucky Bamboo Stalks Bring Growth
9  Lucky Bamboo Stalks Bring General Good Fortune
10  Lucky Bamboo Stalks Represent Completion and Perfection
21  Lucky Bamboo Stalks Bring Abundant Blessings